Old rubber rollers, coated rollers and drums with friction lining tend to become hard or smooth after a certain running time.
Our great selection of special grinding machines allows us to overhaul the rollers and drums at the place where they are installed.
This not only saves money, but above all also time.

Drum raceway grinding

Thanks to our mobile grinding machine, we are able to grind the damaged raceways of your drum drier at the place where it is installed. This not only saves much money, but above all also time.


By exactly measuring profile, smooth running accuracy, as well as hardness and roughness of the drum surface with our measuring tools, we are able to forecast and minimize negative impacts to the steelbelt or the product quality by recommending the right service - before problems occur.

Roller welding

We offer you the unique service to overhaul your rollers and calander where installed in the case of defective product surfaces or high dimensional deviations. We have produced our grinding machines ourselves and use them above all to repair the surfaces of rollers and scratched steel belts.