About us

MT Steel Belt Service is specialised in the service and maintenance of steel belts, drums and rollers of process systems, presses, baking oven lines and the like. Rollers and steel belt service for lines and presses of:

  • Siempelkamp (e.g. ContiRoll chipboard double belt press)
  • Küsters Press / Metso
  • Dieffenbacher
  • Berstorff
  • Binos (Mende / Auma continuous presses)
  • Motala
  • and others

What we do

Steel belt welding service

- Endless-Welding of your new or existing steelbelt (belt assembly)
- Repair-Welding (e.g. welding of cracks)
- Disc-Welding (removing damages, replacing them by welding new discs)

Steel belt shot peening during production

Professional shot peening of any steelbelt, thanks to the worlds most effective shot peening equipment, developed by MT and prooved by decades of experience.

Roller/drum service on the spot

Grinding of Rollers/drums of any dimension, where installed
Polishing Measuring and determination of differences in radial runout
Drum surface welding service


Steel belt polishing during production

Our proofed high quality polishing equipment, developed by MT, makes it possible to overhaul steelbelts where installed, during production, to remove scratches or to clean the steelbelt from burnt-in scaling and other soiling.

Measuring service on the spot

We measure the complete length of the steelbelt on both edges as well as the drum profile to determine differences, enabling us to recommend the most effective service to improve the quality of your product dimensions.