Damaged belts

Our flexible team has a reputation of quickly arriving with the entire service equipment at short notice in order to be able to immediately weld the respective belts on site. We have produced all welding equipment required ourselves. It is not only easy to handle but also has the advantage of having a low weight.

Belt assemblies

Our welding equipment is easy to operate which makes it very popular above all for the use with press belts of double-belt presses in the chipboard industry as well as with MDF productions, conveyor and cooling belts.

Edge milling

The benefits of our equipment specially designed for steel belt services are that we can quickly and professionally round off the damaged or compressed edges of your steel belt. Rounded steel belt edges very much reduce the probability of cracks in the edges of the belt. Basically, we can also offer to do our service works at the edges of your belt during production.


Our CPSN device specially designed for steel belt polishing and surface improvements allows us to quickly and efficiently clean your steel belt. We can clean the belts either during ongoing production processes or at shutdown times.
Deposits, stains, score marks and impurities can be treated with this efficient polishing method.

Straightening works

It is necessary to above all adjust damaged belts which are severely deformed, compressed or bent by means of targeted straightening works in order to guarantee an optimal production dimensional quality. Thanks to our long-term experience, our team is able to correct severly deformed belts within a short time.

Welding cracks

Thanks to our own-produced precision tools which are easy to handle, quick and still proper repairs of cracked steel belts are no longer a problem. Our team is very well trained to carefully pre-treat and level out the steel belt first, before they start with the repair works and weld the deformed area. This increases the tool life and running time of the steel belt.


We offer you the unique service to overhaul your drums or steelbelts where installed in the case of defective product surfaces or high dimensional deviations. We have produced our grinding machines ourselves and use them above all to repair the surfaces of rollers and scratched steel belts.

Shot peening

By means of targeted shot peening we are able to level out completely or partly uniformly deformed or cupped belts.